Sadness :(

10 Mar

Ok, I’m not really sad, or anything. However, my digital camera has ceased to function. One minute I’m taking a picture and turn it off. Later, I turn it back on to take another picture, and the automatic lens cover doesn’t open. Something inside of it must have broken.

So, without a camera, it’s hard to take pictures of the things I cook. Who wants to look at a recipe on a blog without a picture of the end result? I know I don’t.

Alas, the camera was a solid 5 years old. 7.1 megapixels, which was pretty darn good at the time that I bought it. Now phones have better cameras then that. Of course, I have the older iPhone, so it won’t take that great of photos either.

Well, since buying a new camera is definitely not a financial priority of mine right now, don’t be surprised at the decrease in posts on this here blog. In the meantime, I’ll try to find new avenues for decent and readable content, so nobody (including myself) gets too bored.

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