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Barrack’s Cooking: Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Barrack’s Cooking: Chicken Enchilada Casserole

I planned on doing very little this Labor Day weekend, and still I feel that the first day of this four-day has kept me busy, yet somehow unproductive. It feels like all I’ve done this morning and throughout the day is pick up the place, cook some stuff (mostly Jack’s baby food), take care of the little one, and pick up some more. But I still feel like I got nothing done. Hopefully the rest of you have gotten a more productive (or at least relaxing) start to your Holiday weekend.

Well, I did manage to break out the slow cooker today. Read the rest of this entry »


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Vanilla Iced Coffee

Vanilla Iced Coffee

It’s the end of August, and it’s frickin hot out. Although, I’m not sure if I can be one to complain considering the majority of the contiguous United States has had temperatures in the high nineties and above, with humidity to match, for the entire summer. At least we have regular rainfall and trade winds to keep the heat down a bit.

Either way, I’m sure we can at least all agree that a cool and refreshing beverage is in order. Iced coffee anyone? Got five bucks for an iced latte at Starbucks?

Your alternatives are, of course, the super sugary bottled products found in grocers and convenience stores that barely taste like coffee. You know, the kind that are literally 300 or more calories a serving and has who knows what kind of ingredients in it.

Well, being the frugal (cheap) and health conscious (chubby) person that I am, I decided it would be a good time to make my own with the coffee and other ingredients that I already own (and paid for). Read the rest of this entry »

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Barrack’s Cooking: Potato Leek Soup

Barrack’s Cooking: Potato Leek Soup

Thought I disappeared again, huh? Nope, my last entry was just poorly timed. I went on leave soon after my last exciting post, making a trip with the wife and the seven month old back to New Hampshire. Yup, that’s a ten hour straight flight from Honolulu to New York City with a baby. My own parents, hailing from the Midwest, drove out to New Hampshire as well, so baby Jack got to meet both sets of grandparents. Read the rest of this entry »


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Been a while . . .

I’ve taken quite the hiatus from the blogosphere. Quite a deal has happened since I last posted. Jack is a healthy 6 month old boy with incredible curiosity and a beautiful smile. I’ve gotten a promotion at work, which really means nothing, and our unit has been incredibly busy doing all sorts of last minute taskings.

So I finally have a brand new working camera, seeing as the other one crapped out on me. After that, I seemed to have lost the motivation to continue blogging, which I think is actually for the better. Instead of posting well thought out ideas and meals, I was just posting recipes for any given recipe that I had happened to have on any given evening. I’d much rather refocus on quality posts, rather than the quantity of posts.

With that, I’ve had a few suggestions on what to start with. Read the rest of this entry »

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