Barrack’s Cooking Series

Being a soldier with a family, I am fortunate enough to enjoy the option of having a home provided to me from the Army, or get an allowance so that I can get my own place. Having housing means I have a kitchen with the appliances that many of us take for granted such as an oven, a stove top, a dishwasher, and even a sink with running water.

The soldiers in my unit who are single don’t have that kind of luxury. Sure, other units provide decent barracks that might be similar to some dorm rooms, having things like a common area with a full kitchen and bathrooms shared by only a few. But the barracks for the soldiers in our unit are a bit lack luster. There are no kitchens, bathrooms are shared between the entire floor, and some even have to share a small concrete walled room with another. The only appliances provided are a refrigerator, a microwave, and a dirty grill pit located outside.

As a result, most of those living in our barracks live off of microwave meals, pop tarts, pizza delivery, or fast food.

Fortunately, it was recently approved for soldiers to keep small appliances without exposed heating elements in their rooms. These include toaster ovens, slow cookers, griddle plates, George Foreman style grills, and those fancy Nu Wave ovens. So I decided that I wanted to have an on going series that introduces easy cooking and recipes designed for not just a single soldier, but also for any person cooking for one. By introducing the concept of batch cooking, efficient ways to use these small appliances (particularly slow cookers), and using cheap and healthy ingredients, I hope to improve the diets of any who needs it. Or, at the very least, a single person can eat tasty food, on a budget, with inexpensive ingredients.

Enjoy the ongoing recipes and information featured in the Barrack’s Cooking series:


One response to “Barrack’s Cooking Series

  1. kanadiankommando

    October 1, 2017 at 6:51 am

    Greetings from the Canadian army! Love this series, really hope you can find the time and passion to continue it. Been living in barracks for almost a year now, this blog has really helped me get started with the basics of barracks cooking and for that, I thank you!



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