Bread Baking Basics

Bread Baking Basics

Bread is one of those basic staples in life that is often taken for granted. Everybody buys a loaf of sandwich bread at the grocery store, some stop by their favorite bakery on the way home from work to grab a loaf to go with dinner, but few have ever tried to make it on their own. Some of those who have see it as an endeavor and a mystery, requiring little more than hard work and luck.

Well, as a former baking professional and avid at-home baker, I’d like to shed some light on bread baking. No, there’s no magic involved, and it isn’t really all as difficult as some make it to be (although a little luck does sometimes play a role.) With a little bit of planning, time management, and some knowledge on the basic fundamentals of bread baking, it can be easy enough to have a fresh loaf of bread on the table once a week, should your heart desire!

So delve into my series in the making on Bread Baking Basics!

More to come, so check back!


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