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Date Night! Tsukuneya Robata Grill

Last Saturday, Laura and I were incredibly fortunate to have a good friend of ours offer to take care of Jack so that we could go have a night out. We hadn’t been out in quite a while for a date night, not since Laura’s 2nd trimester. Probably the Signal Corps Ball, actually. So, I took my friend up on her offer.

There is a Japanese restaurant down near Chinatown that we have been wanting to check out pretty much since we got to Hawaii. From what I could tell, it wasn’t like any other Japanese restaurant we’d ever been too. We have been fortunate in Hawaii because there is an abundance of authentic Asian food, including Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean. Not so much Chinese, though. When I say Japanese, I mean more than just hibachi, sushi, and Japanese steak houses. There are noodle houses everywhere, yakitori restaurants where you grill your own prepared food, and restaurants specializing in ononomiyaki. And then there is the restaurant we went to. Read the rest of this entry »

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Char Siu Pork Ju Bao with Cold Soba Noodles and Japanese Cucumber Salad

It’s Monday already? Where has the time gone?

Jack and Laura

Jack and Laura

Oh, right, Laura popped out a little baby boy! XD

It has been an absolutely amazing week. We got home from the hospital  on Saturday, and it has been nonstop for us ever since. My internet presence has definitely decreased. It is weird for both of us to be home all the time, tending to our little bundle. I find myself constantly cleaning and doing laundry in addition to the consolations, feedings, and burpings.

Tiny face!

Tiny face!

So, although things have certainly been busier for us, one thing remains a constant; we gotta eat. I ate a ridiculous amount of fast food, as the hospital (Army hospital) didn’t feed me (the guy in the Army,) so some healthy food was due. We had a hankering for some Chinese/Japanese fare, and I thought char siu pork ju bao, known as manapua here on the islands, would do the trick Read the rest of this entry »


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