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Avocado Chevre Torte

Avocado Chevre Torte

I’m continually on a quest for healthy lunch options, so I don’t have to eat so much canned tuna. I despise it. Canned chicken is a little better, but it still has that tin can flavor that I’m not so fond of.

Laura found a few pretty good looking recipes that I probably wouldn’t have tried without her encouragement. This particular one, called an Avocado Chevre Torte, is essentially a frittata with some pretty tasty ingredients in it. It was incredibly flavorful and easy enough to slice and store away as part of a packed lunch. This would also be a great brunch option, if you’re the kind of person that does brunch. Brunch is a great excuse to drink alcohol before noon. Read the rest of this entry »


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Lunch Time Update

Turkey potato and veggie soup with a grilled cheese sammich. That is all.


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