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I know what I eat. I cook most things from scratch using mostly whole ingredients. We buy a lot of vegetables, eat ┬ámoderate amounts of protein (usually,) and the only starches that we use on occasion are potatoes, pasta, or brown rice. Rarely do our meals come from a box, unless we’re finding ourselves on a budget. Being in Hawaii, our grocery costs can get kind of high, and a few boxes of Hamburger Helper can definitely help bring it down a little.

There are still boxed items that we use, however. I’m not about to start making my own cereal or granola bars. Laura and I are still pretty picky about these items, though. We look at the ingredients. I look for things that I know are terrible for you, such as hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup, and avoid those items like the plague. So it always surprises me when I find out that people don’t do this.

Shells and Cheese

You mean there isn't cheese in this box that sits at room temperature?

But it shouldn’t. I’m very aware that most people have a huge disconnect with their food. If I asked a random person what cheese it or how, in general terms, it is made, I would get blank stares. So it’s no surprise, that if a person doesn’t actually know what cheese it, then they wouldn’t know that their Kraft Shells and Cheese contains no cheese at all! Read the rest of this entry »

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